Perception (2008)

Perception is a collection of poetry written between 1999 and 2000. The poems in this book represent a time in my past when I was in search of answers about life and death. It is a glance into the inquiring mind of a teenager, trying to find direction and enlightenment. An inside look at my perception of reality and the unknown.

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Only so much can be seen
Through a human's myopic eyes
Search for what reality means
A man will always try

In a world full of hate and crime
Where your greatest friend can die
A man can still live on
With a somber heart felt cry

This world's full of guilt and shame
In society's raping eyes
But what changes; is still the same
And the clouds will all remain
In the still and constant skies

As time moves on and a man sees more
Through his fault filled imperfect eyes
What can be seen is not what it seems
Under a man's eternal disguise

The desire to know what's in the world
Beyond what your eyes provide
Will always confuse and yet help you chose
The direction of your lies

Man's filled with need and covered in greed
In the question of what's wise
What was the same; will someday change
And all will see the day
When the stars fall out of the skies

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Mountains of sorrow
Valleys of hate
Endless fields of jealousy
Highways of fate
Swamps full of fear
Deserts of pain
Rivers of romance
Forests of blame
A plateau of power
And plains full of doubt
Islands of question
The skies the way out

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The wise, the brave
The world unstressed
The hearts, the minds,
The eyes undressed
The palms, the thighs,
The hips caressed
The birth, the life
The peaceful rest

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Dangerous lies
Used to fantasize
While the victims hurt
And their families cry

Tearing eyes
Lead to vengeful minds
Pushed in shallow graves
Are the weak from the wise

With all the hate and crime
And all of the greed and lies
Not everyone gets to live
Before they fall and die

Open your eyes
And look up to the sky
See the glowing of the stars
And the lights of the fireflies

Drop all your lies
And come out of disguise
And love all of your life
Through positive eyes

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A Beautiful Destruction (2008)

A Beautiful Destruction is a compilation of poetry written between 2007 and 2008. It is look at two juxtaposed ideas, Beauty and Destruction. It is a call out for freedom while questioning authority. It describes the emotions behind a love destroyed, and a nation in shambles.

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Who's got this vision, what is our mission?
You've got a secret agenda; I've got a sneaking suspicion
And you speak your bullshit and expect us to listen
But it doesn't add up cause we know something's missing
And if the truth is revealed, with all the innocent killed
Who's gonna clean up your mess, all the blood you have spilled
I hope your greed is fulfilled, I guess you need all this guilt
We watched you suck the life from the land that you drilled
And oil greases up your palms and it dirties your suit
And it soils all our psalms with the essence of you
You can foil all our plans and you can hide all the truth
But who's loyal to our land while you're stashing our loot
And yet we walk away from the lessons we've learned
We're forced to curse the day with blessings we've earned
Do you have something to say, and are you even concerned?
Can you ever repay all of the money you've burned?
And an Iraqi fights that fire with his gun in his hand
There's a lackey and a liar spilling blood on his land
And if you subtract his own desire from the chain of command
What's in tact is the supplier who enforces demands
And we react to all the liars that are forcing our hand
It's a fact they're growing tired with they're face in the sand
But we don't act, we are the buyers and we're losing our land
And you're killing us all, so united we fall
We can't fight for what's right when divided we stand

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Dying Nation

Chase away your dreams with the television
Try to find your faith with your intuition
Risking all your hopes on a premonition
We are all part of a dying nation

Listening for the voice of our generation
Waiting for the plan of our revelation
Don't you know we're part of a dying nation
All of our time is wasting away, hey
All of our lives are fading away, hey

You lost a part of me with your indecision
I can barely breathe without your permission
The words I speak are free under one condition
I can't help you see we're in a dying nation

Listening for the voice of our generation
Waiting for the plan of our revelation
Don't you know we're part of a dying nation
All of our plans are slipping away, hey
So is our time to make a change
All of our time is wasting away, hey
All of our lives are fading away

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My vision and I are one
We reach past the dreams of some
We silence your screams until they're are none
But ink still bleeds from my gums
Because god planted words on my tongue
Together we raised them,
So that you can now praise them.
A bullet that runs from the gun
It enters your heart
From the moment I start
And it ends with the beat of a drum

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Irrelevant Revelations (2009)

Irrelevant Revelations is a collection of over 100 poems spanning over 13 years. The poems in the book reflect several times and emotions in my life, from present day social awareness, to early teenage angst.

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Well it's come to this, our final hour
We give up our lives, and the world we devour
Time to rejoin all the dearly departed
Forced to move on,
can't finish what we've started
The oceans roll over, the mountains tumble
The skies are burning, society crumbles
The ground beneath us quivers and shakes
The passion within us buckles and breaks
With fear in our hearts we concede and repent
and plead with the prayers
that the heavens have sent
When the fire ignites and rains down upon us
and spoils our dreams of forgotten Adonis
All that remains are ashes and dust
Our morals are stained by splashes of lust
A flame from hell was used to spark this
to pull us out of the light and into the darkness
We asked for this moment,
with our collection of sins
yet we point our fingers and deflection begins
We relieve our souls,
from the burdens they bare
Dismiss our goals, and our yearning to care
We offer our bodies, and surrender our voice
No need to question, there was never a choice
Simply silence our fears,
and wipe the tears that we weep
Just close our eyes, and enjoy the big sleep

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A Country Cries

With this chance to use my voice
I'll scream my convictions
The strain of my vocal chords
will irritate the center
of your misguided consciousness
Only the strong survive;
The weak and poor are a crutch to
assist the constantly growing need
of the greedy elite
A stream of overflowing wealth and power,
rarely disrupted by the overshadowed
voice of discontent,
will recollect itself and find
breathing room deeper
in the pockets of the "have more" and more.
And as they are fed we gather to
fight for crumbs
spilled over onto the killing floor
Our feet are tired and our knees are sore.
Our lungs are blackened
by the toxins we adore
Our hearts grown weary
while they slam the door
All that's left, is a breath,
and a voice they can't ignore

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I cheated, I lied
I stole pieces of your heart
Things got heated, we cried
and broke ourselves apart
Tiny pieces, subside
I shattered all your trust
My weakness, presides
in shadows of my lust
Forgiveness, still hides
in the silence of my dreams
A goddess, still shines
beneath my violent screams

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Romantic Redemption

Her voice can sooth my salted wounds
Her skin can heal my heart
Her eyes disguise the sorrow side
Her lips conceal the dark
She warms my thoughts
and feeds my prayers
In my dreams I feel her touch
To someday wake
in the life we make
where nothing means as much
Her breath is my gift
and her smile is my light
And in every precious moment
I would hold her tight
To give everything and anything
and all I have and more
To dance and sing,
while pleasuring
the soul that I adore

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Below the Surface (2011)

The following collection of poems represent the vast majority of my written poetry over the past fifteen years. The first segment of poetry contains small and playful poems written in the past year. The remaining chapters of the book are collections of poems previously published under the titles "A Beautiful Destruction, Irrelevant Revelations, and Perception."

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